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Hey, how are you doing!


My name is Ricardo Butler (ReAsOn DiSciPLe) of Ricardo Equips Artistic Leaders (R.E.A.L.) and MIC Assembly Davidical Arts Network. I'm taking a quick survey among my online community. I'm not trying to sell you anything or sign you up for anything. I'd like to ask you FIVE questions. There are no right or wrong answers, and it will take you no more than A FEW minutes of your time.


1. What do you feel is your greatest struggle as a Christian/Child of God?


2. What do you feel is your most greatest need to move forward in your ministry?


3. What is the one thing in ministry that you are most interested in learning?


4. What is the one thing that you are concerned about or maybe even fear happening during these last days?


5. What is the one thing that you deeply want and desire to happen for you in your ministry?


Thank you for you time!


Love you and Christ bless!


Ricardo Butler aka ReAsOn DiSciPLe

SERVANT of Jesus Christ;

Leadership Developer, Teacher, and Founder of:

- Ricardo Equips Artistic Leaders (R.E.A.L.) @


"Equipping Five Fold Leaders to influence the music ministry, industry, and culture!"


PS. If you have any questions, or if I can help you in any way, feel free to write @

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