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Know this...there is a tremendous difference between finding your voice again and in becoming a true survivor. Granted, the very first step to surviving is in finding that voice deep within that your perpetrator stole from you as a child. Our voice is always the first thing to go. 

In my second book, “Man’s Cage Under God’s Tree,” I tell of capturing beautiful cardinals as a child so I could have a pet. My father killed all of the puppies I wanted to keep. However, his father (my grandfather) had given me a birdcage and it was in this cage that I placed the very first cardinal I caught in a crude trap in our backyard.

I will never forget the day I ran across my grandfather’s cotton field as fast as my skinny legs would carry me to show him my beautiful bird. I will also never forget the look on his face as he said, “Danny, you can’t put that bird in a cage. It will die.”

“Die,” I questioned? How could the bird die? I’m going to sing to it, feed it, and watch over its every move. Nevertheless, my grandfather’s words were true. That bird, and every bird I captured thereafter died a slow death in my cage. But long before they died…they lost their voice. They would come to rest in the center of the cage and refuse to speak. This is what child abuse takes from us. It steals our voice. We grow silent, alone, and shamed. Without help to find our voice again, we will surely die a slow, spiritual death. 

After finding our voice we must become true survivors. To do that we must surely come to embrace the power of the three treasures I write and speak of so often. We must learn to bless “all” people. We must love them without a single condition that they either “believe,” or love us back. And finally, we must forgive those who deserve it the least. On this point I’m not sure who that is. I once thought that forgiving my father (the one who abused me) was forgiving the person in my life who deserved it the least. But I have come to realize that forgiving those who count my testimony a lie, and come to the defense of my perpetrator are in need of my forgiveness the most. 

Become a “TRUE SURVIVOR” today. Do not sit silent and shamed any longer. Once you speak out…get ready for the opposition – especially from those who knew and loved your perpetrator. They will defend the abuser almost every time. This is where your treasures will insure your destiny and transform you into a true survivor. Bless them. Love them without any condition that they believe you, or love you back. And finally…forgive them. They have never walked in your shoes. Only a true survivor knows how unique those blood-stained shoes are.

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