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Rise Higher Church By ReAsOn DiSciPLe & Octavia Harris

Rise Higher Church

Rise Higher Church

Rise Higher Church

By ReAsOn DiSciPLe

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Octavia Harris of Beats By Octavia (@

Octavia Harris of Beats By Octavia (@

I asked my sister, the lovely Ms. Octavia Harris, artist, producer, author, and entrepreneur,


“Hey sis, what do you want me to write on? I haven’t written (guest posted) on your website’s blog yet. Is their any topic in particular that you want me to speak on for your readers/audience?”


And boy did she have a mouthful! She had a lot on her heart. Listen in on what she told me.


“Still thinking on topics … to be honest I’d personally like to hear a brief article on why it’s important not to get “LOCKED DOWN” in just using your gifts inside the church. People are always claiming they’re broke or don’t have enough and then complain because no one’s supporting or buying their product/service. Well it’s because the person you are trying to sell to is broke too! The people who don’t flinch at $1000-$10,000 are generally in the other 6 mountains (sphere’s) of the world system and they are going to pay someone … why not let that someone be YOU! BUT, where I believe people go wrong (because they’ve been taught wrong thinking about money and separation from what appears to be secular is… They go into their “Spiritual” “Religious” mode … and think that if they use their gifts outside the church walls… there is something wrong or their church will judge them for mingling etc. Man that couldn’t be so far from the truth … As long as you don’t COMPROMISE, you straight. Look at Joseph, Look at Daniel. There are tons of examples in the bible. Heck look at Moses! You want someone more practical to your life? Look at ME! I’m doing things in the “World” using my gifts, without compromising my faith and providing services to un-saved people who are willing to pay me what church folks could never afford. Sad fact, but its reality. So feel free to use my story, or any of what I just wrote to nest in your article, but I believe people in the body need to wake up and get what’s already laid up for them. Change their thinking … they change their pocketbooks. Those are my thoughts on it.


Not trying to be harsh, just shooting straight from the hip. It’s 2013 and we believers gotta rise higher!! And represent God in “all” the earth! And quit hatin’ on each other, having jealousy among us, fear, beef, judgmental spirits… etc. While we’re trippin’, Satan’s kids are LIVING! (Well for a season that is…) we know how it all ends. Rev 20:10!” – Octavia Harris


Wow! I could actually rest my case. Let me reply with my answer. I said,


“AMEN! You are DEFINITELY apostolic in your anointing. And this anointing is the same “power to get wealth“, which can be used on ANY mountain. We are as you said, “locked down” on one mountain (the religion, church, cult mountain). This verse comes to my mind,


“… the devil shall cast some of you into prison, that ye may be tried; and ye shall have tribulation ten days.” (Revelation 2:10).


His false leaders, like the Pharisees have done what Satan has asked by locking then in to church.


“But woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For ye shut up the kingdom of heaven against men: for ye neither go in yourselves, neither suffer ye them that are entering to go in.” (Matthew 23:13).


The Kingdom is under control by Satan and God is TAKING IT BACK!


“The kingdoms [plural] of this world [that would be SATAN'S KINGDOMS—the 7 Mountains] are become the kingdoms [plural] of our Lord, and of His Christ [and His Bride—the Church]; and He [they as united as ONE] shall reign for ever and ever.”

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