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Jesus the true essence of christianity

Jesus was the true essence of man in the flesh. His essence was pure and non-contaminated by man's bicarmel mind. Through his teachings he planted the positive seeds of thought into man that whosoever believed in him they would have eternal life. Jesus planted the seeds in an attempt to open man's bicarmel mind set. To help man think for himself and see through the illusions that have kept man in the dark for so many years.

The dangers of opening the minds of true christians was a very clear and present danger to the religions and governments of Jesus's day. He sought to rally the masses in out of the way places where he knew the news of his miricales would travel slow and give him the much needed time to plant the positive seeds in man's thoughts. A replicable concept for the preservation of man's jump into complete Jesus like essence. A essence that could not be destroyed or denied, for with it came great powers not yet known to man.

Jesus knew man would not understand the parables unless he talked to them in riddle puzzels. He aslo knew that man would not open his mind to these types of riddle unless he truly sought the kingdom of heaven (The Universe). Thinking through the scriptures allowed man to see the true words of Jesus's meanings and what he wanted them to do after he was gone. Jesus said he would destroy the temples made by man's hands and in three days build another temple with no hands at all. That new temple was in man himself. By Jesus dying on the cross for man's sins. He gave man a means to still be capable of amking the essence jump by becoming aware of his concious mind(Holy Ghost). Only when man has made the critical jump from dead man walking to God man running (Holy Ghost in him) has he resurrected into the essence of what Jesus taught man in his unconcious mind.

Each and every man has the ability to become his own temple if he follows the words of Christ teachings. The power to heal and raise the dead are all possible right now in the essence of Jesus holy name. This can only be acheived through the Jesus type of essence that includes pure honesty and universal love of the cosmos. That essence lives in all man, not just one. When Jesus said, "Where two or more are gathered in my name, I will be also there in spirit."

Jesus was not of this world. He was resurrected by a power that only he could acheive. By Jesus dying on the cross. He knew man would soon come into his conscious mind and jump start the thought process that would take man into the future.

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