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Golgotha of Our Mountain

By: Danny Wallace

We are approaching the week of Easter. It is a day cherished by every believer in Christianity, whether Catholic or Protestant – whether faithful, or struggling to find your way. Easter symbolizes all that we as Christians stand for. For the One we follow was beaten for our healing, crucified for our sins, and raised from the dead on Easter morning for the fulfillment of our salvation. Indeed, there is great power and yes, “symbolism” in the cross.

However, in the 21st Century, American church there is so much we have missed in Jesus and His cross. Our great idea is that by way of the cross His grace now gives us the power to overcome sin - to live more righteously - to finally…obey the Law. Once again, as it was when Jesus walked among us, and as it always is with the self-righteousness of man's religion…it is all about us.  This is the great tragedy of what man has done with the sacrifice of God's own blood through his precious Son, Jesus. Jesus did not ask us to accept His sacrifice so that we would have the power to obey the Law. He did something far greater - far more foreign to our religious mindset. He saw that we were judged guilty by the letter of the Law and that indeed, we deserved its full penalty. As One who was sinless and One who was guilty of nothing but perfect love, Jesus presented Himself as the finally offering unto the very Law He spoke into existence as ONE authority with God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The Law was not abolished, but rather…"fulfilled." 

He was judged guilty on our behalf and therefore, sacrificed as payment for all of our sins - past, present, and future. There would be no further need for religious sacrifices unto the Law. How could there be? The One who gave the Law stepped forward to "fulfill" the requirement of the Law for each of us. In sacrificing Jehovah's blood what greater sacrifice could there ever be? Any attempt to bring payment unto the Law would not only be interior by comparison, it would be the heart of blasphemy.  And yet, some 2000 years later we look to the programs, ideals, and arguments we often proclaim atop our designated mountain as a worthy substitute for the all encompassing power of God’s own blood poured out unconditionally on Golgotha’s hill. 

The cross is so much more than a piece of relevant and transfixing history. It is more than a religious symbol for adorning jewelry. It is the very gateway leading us from what was impossible for man to accomplish, to the privileged presence of Jehovah God by the unselfish sacrifice of His own blood. It took us from what could never be into what “only He” could provide. It is God’s greatest gift to man. Think of the cross as our “crossroad” to absolute freedom. The cross symbolizes our own wings of destiny. No man could have achieved this great miracle. Very few can even comprehend the simplicity of its eternal power. And yet…there it stands. 

The cross will be seen in 2013 as never seen before. A return to kneel in the shadow of its great love will open the gates of Heaven to pour out a move of the spirit like none this earth has ever witnessed before. For in the midst of this great revival great multitudes of Christians will return for the great treasures we have left behind. Of course, many who have never been there will run with us to receive a salvation they could never earn or deserve – just the same as we have all found and cherished. But there is coming a release of so much more. Christians all around the world will go back to the cross in multitudes of praise and anticipation. We are returning to receive the three treasures delivered by the King of all kings. Returning to receive these treasures will give us the power we seek to overcome what is ahead.

Lying in the dust, right where we left them we will find these gifts of power and anointing - gifts that God will use in this most powerful spiritual awakening within all the earth. We will find first the treasure of blessing. It is what Jesus endured so much to deliver into our hearts that it might pour off of our tongues like water in the desert. Our blessing over “all” people, not just a few, or those we believe have earned it. Jesus went to the cross to bless all of creation. None of us deserved it. In fact, just like the men who threw the adulterous woman at the feet of Jesus we deserved a royal “dressing down” by One who knew their sins and ours. We received something far greater. 

As we embrace this first treasure it is only natural to immediate see the second. It is the treasure of our love for others without a single condition that they love us back. It is what Jesus gave to all of us from the cross. He did not love us with a religious love that says, “I love you, but…” Jesus loved us with an “I love you period.” Nothing we could do could ever change that. We do not have the power to make Him love us more or less. He “is” the gift of love for all of mankind. 

And finally, but certainly not least…we will find the honor of beholding quite possibly the greatest treasure of them all. It is the gift of forgiveness for those who deserve it the least. Surely we must understand what it feels like to receive forgiveness when we deserve anything but. It is greater than any medicine and more overwhelming than the depth and width of the oceans. These are our treasures, and these treasures will be used by the anointed of God to usher unto the earth what all of our programs, ideals, and proclamations of the past several decades have failed so miserably to provide. 

The cross seems simple; yet how complex it must truly be to remain beyond the comprehension of religion's great wisdom. Many have sidestepped the cross as an antiquated relic of days gone by – believing their new twist, formula, or steps of performance to be the way to bring God and His power to their mountain of responsibility. How wrong we have been. The power is right where it has always been. It is indeed, the miraculous gift of our eternal salvation, but it is so much more. 

It is the key to revival. It is the power we have abandoned. It is the miracle we seek. It is the love we lack, and the wisdom we no longer possess. As the simple things have always confounded the wise…it is the Golgotha of our mountain.

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