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Before you entered the drinking glass of the world, God selected a number of ingredients to be added to the mix of your life. Carefully God added your physical attributes along with your personality traits with a measure of your heritage along with his designed purpose to a blender.

God also selected his choice fruit of the spirit along with the milk of the word was added along with the coolness of your destiny. And once the process of adding all the ingredients was complete the friction of life experiences, situations and relationship slowly blended everything together into what you are today.

God had in mind a smoothie for your life resulting from a process that combined his plan with our purpose along with our gifts to all work together for good. As we know with any smoothie some things are not completely blended but the drink is still good. If your life is not a smoothie, allow God to put you back into the blender again and taste and see that the Lord is good.
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