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One of the things we need to do more effectively as believers and as business people is communicate more effectively online. Too many of our businesses, churches and ministries are falling way short of the mark when it comes to engaging the culture via social media and other online tools.

Since my business helps other businesses do exactly that I figure it makes sense for me to share some of my experience, knowledge, writing and videos in that department here for the Marketplace Leaders community.

One Concern

I do have one concern as I move forward. Much of what I expect I'll be sharing wont' be overtly spiritual, but rather practical new media tips and strategies.

Most of what I see that has been shared around the community here seems to either be self improvement or scripture meditations. I'm a little concerned that non-spiritual stuff may not be welcome here.

If that's the case, just let me know and I'll stop/take it down.

What's your take on that?

Are you interested in having someone share about social media and online communication?

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