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Picture: I couldn't for the life of me determine the difference between broken and out of order. It wasn't until I encountered two different men one Sunday that the dictionary was opened to me.

The first man was young, athletic, dressed in a suit and carried a bible. The next man was older with gray hair and was in a seated position, confined to a wheelchair but no bible was seen.

I observed these 2 gentleman and I watched how they carried themselves and how they interacted with family and friends and the definition became clear.

I noticed that one was broken. The initial idea of broken would relate to a part not working as a leg or arm, as in this case visually I thought was the case due to the present of the wheelchair. I quickly realized that what I saw as broken was through physical observation but brokenness is spiritual.

I begin to look at the young man a second time and I realized that although his physical extremities were in tip top shape, he was paralyzed in his spiritual walk, as he operated out of order.

As I thought to myself that you can't judge a book by a cover. You certainly can't define a broken man or a man out of order by physical attributes because, man looks at outer appearance but God looks on the heart. In other words what we initially see is not necessarily what is spiritually true.

Did I mention that the two men I observed was myself at different times? The wheelchair I mentioned is my relationship with my current heavenly father because it is in him I move and have my being and the Bible I carry may not be seen but is heard. And my life before Christ was me as the younger male dressed up, athletic carrying a bible as an accessory but not because it's necessary.
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