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Be Creative in your Business, Just like your Father God!

Christian Small Businesses should rise up and lead in the marketplace! Let us all pray that we inherit the mind of Christ so we can be creative and become testimonies for God! As a businessmen or women, are you willing to answer the call of God in the marketplace? Are you willing to prosper so that God's goodness may be revealed in you and your business? Are you willing to grow your business so you can reach out to more people and lead them to our Lord Jesus Christ?

Sadly, most leading businesses nowadays are not Christians! We have to finally rise up! Receive inspiration from God to do more! His word remains true when God said His plan is to prosper us and not to harm us! List down instructions you receive from the Lord and ask God to empower you so you can accomplish your dreams! The Word of God says that He loves us. So let us be empowered by His love and finally show the world the goodness of God through your business! Grow and prosper so you can become a channel of blessing to your community. Hear from God and allow Him to inspire you to do more! All for the glory of the Lord!

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