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Ancient Philosophies Of Christian Finanacial Management.

You know several years ago, I wrote a book called “ Wealth, Riches and Money” along with my friend, Earl Pitts, the co-author. You know, I find it most people think wealth, riches and money are the same thing. But they really aren’t. You know, there’s an interesting scripture in Matthew 22 whey they bring to Jesus a question. Should we pay taxes to the Romans or not? Jesus said, “show me a coin.” He said, “who’s picture is on this?” They said Ceasar’s. And Jesus said we’ll give this Ceasar’s what his ,and give the God what’s His. I think most of us had heard that story. But you know very few people realized that when Jesus said give to Ceasar what’s his, what was he talking about? He was talking about money.

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