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America 2016: Why Not Voting Is Not An Option

The 2016 US Presidential Election is just days away. Still, many people in our country remain undecided as to how…or if…they plan to vote. At no time in recent history have we as a people been so deeply and hotly divided. Many continue to be seriously conflicted about both major candidates. Yet this election, perhaps more than any in the last four decades, is about much more than candidates. It is about the nature and direction of our nation for the next generation.  For those of us who are Christians, it is about understanding the times and knowing what we should do!

That's why we want to get two new free resources into your hands TODAY!

First, OneRockStrategix and the Empowerment Institute have produced a SPECIAL EPISODE of our Marketplace Kingdom podcast..."America 2016: Not Voting Is Not An Option!" In this episode, we share what we believe to be sound biblical discernment regarding some of the real core issues we face in the upcoming election. We encourage you to listen, then send the link to your friends. Email it. Re-post it to Facebook and Twitter (or LinkedIn). Download the mp3 and pass it on directly. Yes, we believe this episode is that important!

Second, as an additional resource, we are releasing "If My People: A Prayer Guide for Nations". This is a simple tool for use in understanding the times and praying for our nation in the coming days and beyond. Use it personally or as you gather with a group. 

"If My People" can be downloaded in small pdf format for use with a tablet or e-reader, or it can be downloaded in letter-sized format and printed off.  Either way, it's our gift for your use.

We pray God's rich blessing and favor on you and yours as you use these resources and prayerfully discern the times to pursue His Kingdom...right where you are!

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