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Today while driving on purpose I was pulled over by a law enforcement officer. This officer in plain clothes had the biggest smirk on his face I have ever seen. Officer Lue, I think it was, asked for my license and registration.

I complied and he asked if I knew why he pulled me over. I said, I don't have a clue. He said that well, son I have followed you from Jackson Hospital to Davis Ave. It seems that you started off following the laws of the land but you improperly changed lanes. Also I believe I saw that you at some point took off your safety belt while driving and picked up a hitchhiker. Also it appears that you operated your vehicle under the influence of worldly substance.

Did you miss the yield signs, the stop sign and I saw you speeding through the school zone?Well, I will be back, I'm going to run your tag, registration, and license. As I sat and waited he returns and says Sir I am sorry to have delayed you, apparently everything checks out. It appears that a person that fits your exact description did all those things and he was arrested and was tried before a judge and was sentenced to death at Calvary. You are free to go.

Warning: if you see Officer Lue C. Furr attempting to stop you from reaching your destiny and purpose, tell him who your Father is and tell him that U turned properly, and yielded at the intersection, and made a right turn at the cross road. And you will be free to go. #Mistakenidentity #SonofaKing

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