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Cultivating Leadership

It is essential in our ministry and marketplace service to cultivate leadership.  I believe that leadership begins with how we see God. Moses saw God in a burning bush; Isaiah saw God high and lifted up.  Each of our models in Scripture have unique views of One God.  Where, when and how do I see God today?  It is there that I have the proper foundation for leadership.  I need to observe God in the world where I live, orient myself to God (not try to orient God to ME), decide on the steps I…


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Advertising Opportunities

FAR Magazine is about women knowing their identity through the eyes of God, reading words that will liberate and catapult them to take off every limit and run towards God. The magazine encourages to not look back but to look up. Furthermore, when we as women find it difficult to rest in God, FAR Magazine shines light on those areas of anxiety and discomfort to know that through the principles of faith, favor, fortune and fortitude, we have been destined to reign.



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My Personal Goals in Marketplace Leadership - Foundations

                I will be financially free: no debt, no mortgage, and sufficiently “liquid” to live comfortably for six months with no income.

                I will be financially generous:  supporting the ministries to which God has called me and helping others in need with abundant giving.

                I will be financially creative: enjoying and leaving a legacy of freedom and generosity for my wife and my heirs.

 Bob Harris - Revised October 7, 2012 (61st…


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oodaloop details

The “OODALOOP” is a warfare decision making process which is used in aviation warfare, but is also used in athletic competition and business management.  The OODALOOP is a continuously recurring decision making process, or loop, in which the warrior continuously “Observes” then “Orients” then “Decides” and then “Acts” and does so in a loop which always stays one step ahead of the challenger or the Enemy.  I apply the OODALOOP to Spiritual Warfare as well, and find that those of us…


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Following a BREAKTHROUGH today in my lifelong (since the age of seven, anyway) search for meaning and purpose, I discovered that God was awaiting my obedience.  Curiously, I have discovered this before...and on more than one occasion.  God surely has the greatest sense of humor.  I know that God grieves, too.  But today...God just "leaned back and smiled."  I can say that "God has smiled on…


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What we learned from this year’s election

Wednesday morning conservatives in the U.S. woke up in shock. They could not believe that the nation could re-elect a president whose record was so bad in the area of economics, employment, the most liberal agenda policies ever in a presidency, and the largest government debt in the history of our nation that is nearly twice the size than when he took office ($10 trillion vs 16 trillion today).


I, too, as a conservative, found myself scratching my head. However, it did not…


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