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University of Michigan janitor convicted of child slavery

"I am not an expert in Togo, but I have lived in other parts of the world. … And I've never come across a civilization or society that allows the beating of children to make a point," Tarnow said in court. "Using broomsticks or others devices is just wrong."

A federal jury…


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Strength Is There

Strength is There

By: Jared Wallace

“God, please just give me strength.” 

Ever thrown that little gem out there? I’m fairly certain that just about everyone in the world has said that sentence at some point in their life – whether sarcastically or not. Likewise, I am equally sure that no one walked away from that prayer instantly “stronger.” Don’t get me wrong here, I am sure that people have asked God for…


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Golgotha of Our Mountain

Golgotha of Our Mountain

By: Danny Wallace

We are approaching the week of Easter. It is a day cherished by every believer in Christianity, whether Catholic or Protestant – whether faithful, or struggling to find your way. Easter symbolizes all that we as Christians stand for. For the One we follow was beaten for our healing, crucified for our sins, and raised from the dead on Easter morning for the fulfillment of our salvation. Indeed, there is great power and…


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True Survivor By: Danny Wallace

Know this...there is a tremendous difference between finding your voice again and in becoming a true survivor. Granted, the very first step to surviving is in finding that voice deep within that your perpetrator stole from you as a child. Our voice is always the first thing to go. 

In my second book, “Man’s Cage Under God’s Tree,” I tell of capturing beautiful cardinals as a child so I could have a pet. My father killed all of the puppies I…


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EXCERPT FROM "Man's Cage Under God's Tree," by Danny Wallace

Scripture certainly doesn’t record it but I would venture to say that had Adam and Eve listened when the serpent made his offer from the tree that held knowledge of both good and evil the silence would have been revealing to its counterfeit. They would have surely walked away. 

For I doubt there was one single bird found singing in that tree. I believe that Lucifer’s counterfeit tree stood silent and empty of freedom’s song.…


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Wise Heroes By: Danny Wallace

On any given day we encounter either the written or spoken word. It’s quite amazing to consider the power of something so intangible. Proverbs 12:18 says, “There is one whose rash words are like sword thrusts, but the tongue of the wise brings healing.” That’s easy to understand. Healing words come from wise people and hurtful words from those who are not so wise. At least, on the surface…that’s the way it seems. However, I think we all know that at one…


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Emotional Intelligence - How's yours?

Walter Bennis in the introduction of his book On Becoming a Leader lists the Four Essential Competencies of a Leader.

  • The ability to engage others by creating shared…

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