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Forty April Fool's Days--An Unfinished Seven Mountain Story


What I've Done With My Life So Far Instead of Going to Seminary


Almost bastard son of a third generation whore and an at least second generation alcoholic, or so I was told.  Details are fuzzy, but that’s not surprising, and doesn’t much matter anymore. (I gave up trying to divine the true version of family stories a long time ago.   All I really…


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Behind The Mask



Danny Wallace Testimony CD To understand the truth surrounding anything, one must first define exactly what that thing is. Homosexuality is viewed by those in the church as simply sin. It is viewed by the secular media and the world at large as an alternative lifestyle, scripted at birth. The truth behind the mask goes far deeper.

Homosexuality is a stronghold of the enemy, formed early in childhood to both derail the called of…


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Some Hard Facts On Success

Me again, Son.  Have I told you recently that you make me proud?  You do!  You just seem to keep looking for ways to do the right thing.  And that's good.  It's not always easy.  But it's good. 


So you want to talk about success?  Think.  Take the time to look things over, pray, and make wise choices.  If you rush into anything, or choose foolishly,  it doesn't affect just you.  It has an impact on everbody around you, especially those you love.  If you get into a pattern of…


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Family Foundations Covenant Marriage Resources

We wanted to write a quick post to talk about some of the Covenant Marriage Resources that Family Foundations has available for everybody. The premium resources are about the seminars that we’re providing all around the world. Which could be the Ancient past Experience Seminar, the Empowering Relationship seminar, Blessing Generation Seminar, and of course the Covenant Marriage conference, and we have just recently released the series of Covenant Marriage Conference as a ten-week course, called… Continue

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The Importance Of Family Blessings

Family blessings can be just as important to a child's development as learning how to read and write. Knowing that you are blessed and have a loving family can be a huge confidence builder in young children and give them that foundation they need to stay on the true path. Watch this video of a family from Cold Lake as they instill their blessings on their children.… Continue

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Praying By The Rules

Well Son, a couple days ago we were talking about prayer.  I want to follow up on that while it's still fresh for us.  And it's important that you get it straight in your mind and heart before anybody has a chance to confuse you with a lot of rules and opinions and nonsense.  You see, like so many other things in life, people tend to make prayer more complicated than it needs to be. 

            I know sometimes at church it seems like the folks who pray out loud are performing for…


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The Real Key

Alright Son, so you want to live a long and peaceful life?  Then don’t forget the things I’ve been teaching you.  The simple rules.  Don’t be like a fool who lets good advice go in one ear and out the other.  Don’t just write them down on a scrap of paper and then lose the paper!  Write them on your heart.

     Do you remember when you were little, and you kept your house key on a special chain you wore around your kneck?  When you got home, you could always open the door.  God’s truth…


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Christian Business Owners & Entrepreneurs: The Call to Be A Provider

Originally posted at:


There is a call to be a provider in the world and it’s a noble calling. Mostly it’s men who bear the responsibility of being a provider for their family. But, entrepreneurs have that same responsibility.


Christian business owners bear the burden of providing financially for…


Added by Mark Santiago on March 17, 2011 at 2:30pm — 1 Comment

Is Your Covenant Marriage Like Two Fleas And No Dog?

A few years ago I wrote a book called “Two Fleas and No Dog”. Many people asked me what is that about? It’s not about animal husbandry, it’s not about fleas or dogs, it’s actually about covenant marriage and the sub-title is transform your marriage from Fleadom to Freedom. Of course, “fleadom” is the word that I made up.

Many years ago, when I was this single young person, I would tell them, most young people are like fleas. What is a flea? It’s an animal looking for a big dog. And if… Continue

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Coming Wealth Transfer: On Which Side of the Transfer Are You?

Since our live broadcast on Facebook last week we have had many requests to post the video somewhere or re-broadcast it again. If you didnt get a chance to see it the first time Craig Hill talks about the coming wealth transfer, Jubilee, and Christian Financial Management. If you enjoy the video be sure to catch our live broadcasts every Wednesday at 7PM MST. You can view it on our Facebook Fanpage.… Continue

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Wisdom Brings Change

Wisdom Brings Change

Proverbs 29:8 

“Mockers stir up a city, but the wise turn away anger.”



     I have devoted my life and ministry to bringing hope, deliverance, and, yes, change to broken lives. Every article I write and each time I speak, it is the desire of my heart to reveal the truth behind certain strongholds that have remained unchanged…


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The Principals Of Christian Financial Management

While digging deeper into the principles of Christian Financial Management Craig Hill answers the question. "What if we give 100 people $10,000 today, told them to do business with it or whatever they want, and came back to check a year later to find out what would happen?"You can learn more about this topic in Craig's book Wealth, Riches and Money. Be sure to watch the entire video below.… Continue

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Faith at Works Production will be bringing to the Tampa Bay area...

Faith at Works Production will be bringing to the Tampa Bay area the most exciting, foot stomping, joyous celebration of faith and the arts through the updated theatrical production of the biblical Job story..THE J'OB… Continue

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Covenant Marriage: Experience The Full Blessing

Covenant Marriage is a blessing that doesn't involve just a husband and wife but also it should be inclusive of the whole family. Each member should experience the importance of blessing and the love that comes from being a part of God's family. We would like for you to watch this video we shot while we were at Cold Lake that expresses this feeling and shows how Christian blessing's can strengthen your family relationship as well as your relationship with God.… Continue

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