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Where can I find impact statistics

Can anyone direct me to statistics to support the benefits to families and kids involved in Christian organizations of any sort.  I am seeking comparisons of those that end up abusing drugs, alcohol,incidents of teen pregnancy compared to those in society that do not have Christian affiliation? Also, seeking data showing the positive impact of educational success, job success, etc when people are connected with Christian organizations.   Essentially we are seeking any documentation to…


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The Medical Community is Slowly Killing Us =(

I feel like the prophet Jonah right now.... I truly want to run away and hide and not give the message the Lord wants me to give, time and time again, against the medical community. To be mocked and ridiculed, and not listened to, by my own family and friends is the hardest thing one has to do... But I where can I run? Where can I hide? The Lord will find me and call me again to speak up. I cannot hide from his…


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Rise Higher Church By ReAsOn DiSciPLe & Octavia Harris

Rise Higher Church

Rise Higher Church

Rise Higher Church

By ReAsOn DiSciPLe

Download this Blog Post: 46…


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Why not start a TGIF Group in your workplace or city?

TGIF Groups

What: A bi-weekly gathering of TGIF subscribers who will come together for fellowship, teaching and encouragement. The idea is to connect with existing TGIF subscribers and provide an opportunity to use the content and equipping resources of TGIF and Marketplace Leaders on a local, city level.

Purpose:  To help marketplace believers better understand how they can integrate their Christian faith into their daily…


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Connecting with Celebrities; getting involved in their lives and touching them in the most unexpected way.

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