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What would happen if we stopped acting like all the adults around us in the marketplace who are worried about the economy, stock market, unemployment and lack? We can be His Change Agents & learn the secret of this life to become like little children. What if we never lost our gaze into the eyes of our King? As we inherit His Kingdom on Earth as it is in Heaven. We exchange this failing world system for innocence, trust, purity of heart, fascination, a sense of wonder, belief, joy, happiness & present-moment living. We can live and love and serve one another like they do in Heaven. We could fully surrender our lives, careers, business, gifts and talents over to the One whose eyes we never stop gazing in to. As He pours out the Kingdom we are inheriting all over this world. Emptied of our plans to allow His perfect plan to flow through His Change Agents, His children. Let us walk into the marketplace in awe and wonder, obedience and divine, holy Love! Trusting His leadership and His plan.

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