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What are your thoughts? Not some Do's & Don't and Should's or Scriptures. We can all come up with a battery of scriptures and play the game of who knows most mariage scritptures.


This post is meant to be one to challenge you to think deep, to dig deep into your heart.

Those who know me, know that one area I help couples is with their sexual intimacy. That is a big one for me, especially coaching couples to reach higher levels of sexual fulfillment. But, here is a question that requires some deeper heart-felt searching and thinking:

Question to couples, especially the younger couples:

What if something happened, an accident, illness, or whatever, and you would never have any sexual interaction with your spouse for the rest of your life, would you chose to stay and be faithful?

Let's take this one step further: Assuming that this would happen and you were told you could never have sex with your spouse in the way you had experienced before, but they would still touch you, would you respond with resignation of "ah, well this is just the way it is," or would it allow your level of excitement to grow, feeling utterly blessed to be with this person, not just willing but intensely eager to experience life together with them for the rest of your life?

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