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It is important to understand that Satan always has a much bigger plan regarding the origin of a stronghold in our lives than the confusion of later manifestations reveal. This is especially true with the stronghold of homosexuality.


This door is opened 100% of the time in early childhood; so early in a life that those trapped there sincerely begin to believe they were born homosexual. However, the origin of the stronghold is nothing more than Satan's clear recognition of a gifted life that has been destined for greatness within the Kingdom of God on earth. If he can enter a young life via the doorway of a void of acceptance, the roots are planted and the stronghold begins.


Since this is in early childhood, the origin of homosexuality has absolutely nothing to do with the later sexual behavior and manifestations that will insure any offer of love, understanding or acceptance is offered by the church in adulthood. When the person reaches adulthood - a time when the arguments and confusion surrounding the behavior have hidden the truth behind the stronghold, the enemy kicks back and admires his work. He began the stronghold with a lack of acceptance, and now he maintains it by the same process. He also knows that the religious crowd love a good argument and fight like a pack of hungry dogs pounce on a piece of fresh meat. No wonder this issue is what it is today, and no wonder so little freedom from the stronghold is experienced within the confines of the Christian movement in the 21st Century American Church.

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