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Often our calling or convergence is a combination of our gifts, talents, anointing, and meeting a need in the world.  In order to help clarify our calling, we'd like to ask the following question: What do you feel the most alive doing? If money were no object, where would you spend your time? 

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Love it!! :)

Lavonya Jones said:

Teaching young people about entrepreneurship and helping them to start their business.

I feel most alive when I am teaching and coaching young entrepreneurs!

Two things:

1) Helping leaders remove obstacles by Interceding and Hearing from the Lord for a strategy.  

2) Helping people understand His word through a Hebrew mindset and seeing the western church embrace the golden nuggets of His blessing cycles that He set up starting on the 7th Day a day of Rest along with His Appointed Times (the feasts)

Whoa! when you actually type this out and re-read it - it can be overwhelming....But God!

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