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The day I woke and God told me to sell one thing through an online campaign

Just wanted to share an episode...

My family is struggling financially at this moment. For the last years my parents had to close their companies, lost several clients and business opportunities that just disappeared in a moment and currently face big debts. I'm seing myself and my brothers involved in this period. I gave all my savings to my parents so they could pay some urgent debts.

During all these years they've been trying to sell a property they have, but the same...all interested people just vanished. In one day they're very interested and in the next one they don't answer your call....and you simply don't understand why.

Well, God is great and He's in control of everything.
One of these days I woke up in the morning and while praying in my devotional time I heard a voice telling me to make a social campaign over the internet to promote the plot. I had never made such a thing! So I phoned some friends of mine who decided to help me. Thanks to their talent we've made a web page and a campaign over the major social networks for free!!

We've launched it yesterday and already had hundreds of visits to the page.
Please help us to promote this opportunity and pray for us.

If a buyer comes through this campaign, the last 3 people in chain that led the deal to happen will receive 2500€ each!

God Bless!

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