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The “90 Day Challenge” for Men. How to Unleash Your Love-Power to Turn around Your Marriage, Your Intimate Sex Life, and Romance Her the Way She Craves It.

If you are not happy in your intimate relationship, you’re not happy. End of story!

It does not matter how much love a man has for his children, and how
much he accomplishes in his life and ministry, I believe deep in their
heart, everyone wants to have that experience of aliveness of a
passionate marriage.

Some of us run a business, a ministry, or shape our bodies and try to
shape our kids. We tend to focus most of our energy there simply because
it’s safer and we feel we have control. However, if you take charge of
yourself, and commit to emotional fitness training; and if you
understand the dynamics of men and women in a relationship, you can make
changes in minutes that might have baffled you for years.

For decades, I have been working behind the scenes in highly
confidential counselling situations with men, especially with leaders
who find it difficult to confide these matters to peers, and if they do
talk, they’ll get another man’s perspective.

‘What does a woman want?’ ‘How can I make her happy?’ ‘How can I make
her really satisfied that she craves for more?’ ‘How does she trust me
more?’ I believe the best way is to hear those answers from a woman, a
woman who understands men and compassionately hears their deep heart cry
to be loved and romanced themselves. A woman, who not only has walked
the experience, learnt from years of clients issues and then studied
relationship psychology at university, plus is an ordained minister
herself, deeply submitting all the advice and knowledge to the
leadership of the Holy Spirit.

The result is the “90 Days Challenge”
coaching program uniquely tailored to each individual. It is a very
tough coaching program delivered with love!

It is a really tough program only meant for champions, those who want
results and not excuses. If you come to me with the attitude, “I tried
it all, I tried the best and nothing is working, what can you offer to
me that I don’t know already?”, then that program is not for you!

When you are willing to stop nursing the blaming or ‘understanding the
past’ game, and take radical steps to find help from someone who uses
strategic intervention strengths methods to get results, plus give you
the tools to keep you moving forward, then we can work together to see a
shift and breakthrough in your relationship and your sexual intimacy.

The coaching program is based on these two foundational scriptures:

Ephesians 5:25 (New Living Translation)

 25 For husbands, this means love your wives, just as Christ loved the church. He gave up his life for her

1 Peter 3:7 (New Living Translation)

 7 In the same way, you husbands must give honour to your wives. Treat
your wife with understanding (according to knowledge – KJV) as you live

This is a program for champions, who are willing to die, who are
committed to playing at 100% and not drop the ball, who are not willing
to hide behind scripture and spiritual excuses.

The reason why so many ministers virtually devote all their time to
their ministry is, because it is an area they have control over and that
gives them significance, plus it is very useful to have a mandate and
assignment from God for that ministry. However, your mission field is
first and foremost your wife.

Here’s a brief glimpse of what your challenge will look like:

1.    For the next 90 days give her 100% (not 50% ... Jesus did not die
50%). Fill her up so much that she wants to give to you in turn (but do
not expect that from her). You won’t know what can happen until you give
completely and totally! The next 90 days give her attention like No-one
and nothing in her life has ever given her. Give her attention,
attention, attention, attention, praise, focus, caring and love! Fill
her up like she’s never been filled up before! At times you will have to
be a Sherlock Holmes and play detective to dig deep into her heart. You
can do it!

2.    Take a hard look at what she really needs, not what you think she
needs. Be committed to play at a 100% and give her up to level ‘10’ in
all her needs areas, especially in her top core needs, daily (!).
Lasting success does not happen overnight, but you can get the ball
rolling into the right direction overnight! She will test you (!!) –
don’t wimp out with excuses, blaming-shifting or spiritual
‘explanations’, just work harder! Be honest. If you goof up, pick
yourself up, next time will be better! I’m there to support you as a
coach, with empathy and warmth, but I will also push you to be your very
best for yourself and your wife!

3.    Find out what it takes for her to really feel loved. Write down 10
things that she tells you, that if you did them, she’d feel loved. She
may have different love rules to you. If you say, “I do all this stuff
for her, she should feel loved ...”, chances are that her love rules are
totally different to yours!

4.    Your woman needs to be lit up, those 90 days should be the
greatest 90 days of her life, as never will a man have given her more
attention and focus with caring and love!

(Tip, some women do not know the difference between needs and wants.
Wants sometimes disguise themselves as genuine unmet needs OR a whim to
test.  A woman loses respect if her man panders to all of her wants like
a direction-less wet rag without inner core integrity. There is a fine
balance you will need to learn! If a man on the other hand understands
her really well, with his own ego bruises out of the way, and rises up
in his Christ-masculinity to serve her with what she really needs, he’ll
become her hero! So understand the differences and distinctions as
pertaining specifically to your wife. You need to know her so very well
for that!! Actually there is no sweeter love shown than a man really
knowing his woman. To be known and loved unconditionally is very

So, if you are ready to take on that challenge, to work with those
unique tools I will give you, to take your communication and intimate
sexual communion with your wife to the next level, you will find a fresh
passion and love blossoming in your marriage like you only ever dreamt
about! I have seen men with tears of joy streaming down their faces to
finally experience what it really means to be fulfilled and happily
married in Christ!

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