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Really sorry to hear that you have been laid off...

People are so concerned when they hear that I have been let go from my job. I really appreciate their concern.
I then go on to explain to them that I am a follower of Jesus.
He has always provided for me in the past and will continue to provide for me and my family now and in the future.
I believe that He has moved me from this past job to the next thing that He has in store for me. Regardless of where I work or where my paychecks come from... My Father in heaven is my Provider.
He can move me wherever He pleases. My responsibility is to do my part and focus on today.I do not need to know "how" my Father will provide tomorrow. The fact that He is my Father who loves me is "enough".Simply because He loves and cares for me is why He will provide for me. The outcome is up to Him!

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Amen Andrew!! We will be praying for the right opportunity for you!

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