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Attached is an article that I wrote, and I would greatly appreciate some feedback and a different perspective on the topic.  Thank you in advance.

Here are the first couple of paragraphs:

Men, if you consider yourself a follower of Christ, a Christian by belief and faith, then it is to you that I share these words, my feelings and thoughts.


Three topics have consistently been discussed, deliberated and explored  during most of my adult life. Three topics that at first glance appear to be unrelated and yet are entwined.  Three topics that, while each have their own unique set of problems and solutions, are related at their source.


The myth of the maverick, the lone ranger, the independent male has repeatedly been debunked over the last three decades.  Manhood is a team sport and always has been.  While men may feel the need to spend time alone for reflection, reenergizing or simply to enjoy solitude, a successful journey through life requires partnerships, friendships and collaboration with others.


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