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Linda S. Fitzgerald's Discussions - Do We Know Who We Are?

One of the most difficult stages for Christians is to know who we are.  For when we come into a personal relationship with the Lord, we are changed. Well, at least in the spiritual realm it's been done. The tough part is growing into it in the here & now.  We know we're different than "before", but just who is this new creature in Christ?  And what are we meant to do with our newness?

Over time, we will not only come to know who we are, but what He's asking of us. I call this aspect our "destiny design". The one true purpose for which we were conceived, birthed and have now come to know Him in a deep personal way.

But first we must come to know WHO we are. For the "who" we were before is no more. In the world of the Spirit, we have a new perspective of life that has yet to reveal itself in our daily lives.  We have to permit the unpeeling of our new mindset in PAPA's time table. There's simply no way we can push the process beyond when He wants it to occur. 

Many young believers (of any chronological age) feel schizophrenic in the early days. The simple fact is that a new belief system is at war with the old. The old tapes are quickly being erased to be replaced with PAPA's truth for our lives.  And everything we learned - even in the hallowed halls of Sunday School and Sunday-Wednesday worship services - is called into question. 

What a shock to discover all that doctrine & dogma may not have been Reality after all!

If you are seeking to grow in Him, know that there will be those times when we will experience darkness, doubt, confusion and downright assurance that we've lost our minds.  The great truth is - we have!  A mind shaped by humanity. A mind being wrung dry of faulty concepts and beliefs.  A mind that lost it's connection the day the serpent deceived Adam and Eve.  But regained it when Jesus threw aside the stone and emerged in all His glory as the resurrected Lord of all creation!

Celebrate those times and remember that now you are being molded into the Person He intends you become. Be patient with the process - for it is a process.  And let go of the mind that was, in order to push the play button on new tapes that will play forever.

And learn to be comfortable with the garments in which He will dress you as you emerge into a Person made in His likeness & image.

Much love in your days. . .

Linda S. Fitzgerald, M.S.Ed,

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