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As I have been watching the events unfolding in the Arab world a few thoughts came to mind –


-          Could this be God showing His people just how easy it is for him to change the whole course of a nation in a matter of days? Could he therefore be showing us these events to encourage us that we can indeed take entire cities and nations for Him if we ask Him for the nations? (Psalm 2)

-          If we as the body of Christ where better prepared for these events, could this have been a golden moment for us to step in with the love of Christ to the majority of people in the Arab world and point them in the direction of the truth that their tyrant leaders have tried to hide away from them?

-          Is there is a window of opportunity right now for believers across the world and especially America (the perceived enemy of the Arab world) to rise up in prayer support and pour out love to the Arab world so that those (the majority who are uprising) who have been fed on the propaganda of hatred (by their leaders) can now see the love that America and the rest of the Christian world has for them?

-          The harvest is indeed white and ready as the Arab people seek to move out of the kingdom of darkness their leaders had imposed on them. The Arabs understand what is means to live in a kingdom but they are now desperately seeking the true Kingdom.

-          As the Arabs come to Christ could this trigger the jealousy in the Jews that will bring them running to Christ?

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