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Community Suggestion: Highlight Blog Posts

Currently there are 86 blog posts that have been posted by members of the Marketplace Leaders Community. There is some great content there.

But unfortunately there is no place on the front page of the community where those posts are highlited other than in the cluttered "Recent Activity" section. Nor is there a link in the main navigation near the top of the page for Blogs. As a result I most community members are completely missing out on that great content being shared here.

I suspect these things could easily be adjusted via the community Ning settings.

By making the community blog posts easier for all members to find it will encourage more community engagement on two fronts. Members will see more of the comment and be more likely to leave comments on the blog posts and members will add more posts as they see others joining in on the conversation.

Just a suggestion. What do you think?

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thanks. Will look into this

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