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Christians have used  "Jesus' cleansing of the Temple" (Jn 2:12 - 16) to argue that "Church" & "Business" don't mix.

1. Is the modern day "Church" a representation of the "Temple" ?
    (  I see the "Church" as the "New Israel" rather than the Temple )


2. The early church was always in the Marketplace.
    The "church" was birthed and expanded in the Marketplace therefore  the "Church" & "Business" have
    always mixed. ( It is only in an Institution that that we seek to keep business out ...we have
    compartmentalized our lives instead of seeing life in its whole (Holistic).


(Any discussion, expansion?) 

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Pleasure to communicate. I  have two elements of interest to ask your help with.

1. starting a global program to financially assist pastors or community needs programs.

2. Helping entrepreneurial business people globally with there businesses.

Need to know what is needed in your world

Thank you for communicating

Darlene East


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